Von der Stille zwischen den Gleisen

Trailer and Behind the Scenes in 5.1 Surround

This trailer is encoded in 5.1 Surround and should work on surround-enabled hardware. Tested in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

East Berlin 1962, the Berlin Wall has just been built, the border has become almost impassable. Based on a true story, we get to know young Louise.

Growing up in a small village in Saxony, she can no longer stand it in her violent parental home and decides – together with her fiancé Fritz, a border guard with the newly established dog squad – to flee to West Berlin.

In this three-dimensional radio play in Dolby Atmos, we dive deep into the world of Louise and Fritz and accompany them as they plan, rehearse and carry out their escape. At some point, we switch perspectives and – when the escape plan is finally put into action – listen entirely through Louise’s ears:

Once Louise gets over the first board fence, there’s no turning back. In the distance we hear cars, suddenly a dog barks behind us, nearby the border guards are talking. Have we been discovered? Above us – on a road bridge – a patrol marches, a freight train thunders past. We hear all this, from Louise’s perspective, and thus dive deep into this exciting and nerve-wracking night. Will she succeed in escaping?

If you encounter problems with the online playback in 5.1 Surround you can download the trailer here to play it locally in VLC.